Essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one

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Essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one

Just like smart homes, smart cars needs have evolved in developed countries. There are some essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one. Any automobile is smart if it has the advanced electronics installed in it. The advanced electronics such as car alarms, hood locks, key switches, and electronic immobilizers prevent car theft. There are versatile car accessories which make your car ride secure, enjoyable, and even memorable with dash cams. In the past, advanced car accessories were limited to new brands of cars. But now whatever car type you have, you can install them in your car quickly. Here is the list of essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one.

Intelligent sensor car phone holder

We can not imagine our life without cell phones, even for a minute. One of the essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one is car phone holders. The cell phone right in front of your eyes. You can easily use navigation, play music, and can receive essential emails via your cell phone. The cell phones which were a hurdle in safe driving are now helping in a safe and enjoyable ride.

Dash Cam

The dashcam is a small digital camera, but it is of great use. It has become a need for smart cars to have a dashcam installed in them. There are numerous benefits of a dashcam, such as recording memorable journey clips. It also records unexpected crimes and occurrences. Some parents are concern about their teenage kids while driving. It is also a great helping monitor for their driving activities. The information about speed and GPS provided by dashcam makes the car intelligent. just like an action camera, dashcam records event with different angles.

Wireless car charger

The mess of cables for charging can be led to accidents while driving. The wireless car charger makes the phone fully charged at the end of the drive. We recommend using it only in emergencies. Do not make it a habit. According to research, the wired charging is better as compared to wireless charging. Your phone gets extra hot with wireless charging ultimately damaging your battery.

Car air fresheners

The car air fresheners can also help in avoiding accidents. Some people are allergic to smoke and bad odors. When bad roadside odors distract you while driving, a car air freshener helps to fight against them. There are some car air fresheners which sense the terrible smell and makes the environment of your fresh again. So, you need a car air freshener as it is one of the essential accessories to make your car an intelligent one.

Handheld Auto vacuum cleaner robot

The handheld auto vacuum cleaner robot senses garbage and dust in your car and makes it clean on the go. Even the interior of vehicles gets clean with the help of its narrow nozzle. It not only senses the garbage but also helps in cleaning anywhere and at any time.

Key finder

The car key finders are also known as the Bluetooth tracker. It tracks the car key with the help of implanted Bluetooth tile in the keychain. When we lost our core, we spend many dollars for auto locksmith services. Thanks to the car key finder that it helps us in finding the key at the exact location.

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