Smarty Villa

Control your home efficiently with

Getting every task done is now at your fingertips or a voice command away so your day is simpler and more productive with Home Automation Solutions from Smartygear!

Smart Lighting

Dim the lights, change colour or let your lights move to the music beats – all via voice control.

Smart Hubs

Control your home via voice commands with Alexa or Google Home.

Smart Curtains

Get programmable curtains that can be controlled via voice commands.

Smart Doorbells

Get notified when a visitor arrives with a doorbell fitted with a camera.

Smart Cameras
Monitor your home from anywhere in the world with our wireless cameras with night vision and motion detection.

Climate control
Climate control automation is a way of controlling your home’s warm and freeze remotely or automatically.

Smart door lock
Unlock your door with your smartphone, biometrics or voice control.

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