The impact of virtual assistants on our life

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The impact of virtual assistants on our life

Life is no longer alone, especially for older age people. The gadgets containing voice assistants in homes makes life convenient and happy. The launch of the virtual assistant two decades ago changed human being entirely. Most of the benefits of virtual assistants are in the business sector in the form of 24/7 chatbots. The impact of virtual assistants on our life is excellent. The phrase, I will always be there for you fits perfectly for virtual assistants. Before discussing the impact of virtual assistants on our experience, we would also highlight the advent of virtual assistants.

The advent of virtual assistants 

The Microsoft, Lernout & Hauspie, IBM, and Philips introduced the feature of speech digital recognition in personal computers. Four years later, this feature added in the smartphones assisting the users virtually. Today in the world of smart cities and smart homes, virtual assistants sync with smartphones control the electronic devices. The electronic gadgets controlled by virtual assistants are smart locks, light, and even robotic vacuums. All the tools connected the internet to communicate through virtual assistants. These devices also assist humans in different tasks. One such example is GPS, google maps where a virtual assistant helps us by voice to find the way easy. All the reasons and benefits mentioned above highlight the fact that the impact of virtual assistant on our life is excellent.  

A virtual assistant is cloud-based programs and facilitates us through the internet. We all know that the internet of things has made human life comfortable and perfect in many ways. One of the examples of this perfection is the virtual assistants. Because of the impact of a virtual assistant on our life, manufactures adds this feature in computers, tablets, smartphone, and even in standalone devices such as Google Home, Amazon, and ECHO. 

Software agent 

The virtual assistants work as a software agent to fulfill the commands of humans. We can call it as an intelligent personal computer. There are virtual assistant software’s available such as Teamwork Live, provides business optimization. Artificial intelligence makes the virtual assistant as a virtual agent respond to customer needs. 


Some people think that chatbots and virtual assistants are similar. But the fact is they are different regarding tasks, technology, natural language processing, and intelligence. Chatbots designed to assist human in the text-based format while virtual assistants are capable enough to perform complex tasks. Chats bots are not competent enough to predict unpredictable human behaviour or to interact for long. On the other hand, virtual assistants do both things and facilitate humans more. The impact of virtual assistants on our life is excellent as compared to chatbots. 

Money and time manager 

Virtual assistants are time and money managers in our life. It saves time and money by sending automated emails to customers. In the past, the business organization used to spend the cost to hire employees for this task. 

Home manager 

A virtual assistant manages a smart home in many ways. It handles home security systems, cleaning robots, shades, thermostats, and smart lights. While resting at homes, a virtual assistant also plays a song and even send a text message. Now, this is what a home sweet home. Virtual assistants have made homes a place where voice assistant makes the smart vacuums to clean the house just by the voice assistant. Moreover, it also helps the elderly age people by facilitating with finding a cell phone, call for help, and ventricular assist device. 

Business manager 

A virtual assistant is also a business manager. It reduces the cost of a business by doing jobs a full-time employee does. There are many jobs in any industry such as reminding schedules and sending essential emails which virtual assistants do efficiently. It acts as the best organizer by managing tasks related to CRM updates, email filtering, bookkeeping, and phone call coverage. It also handles payroll management, calendar management, and social media management. All these tasks performed by virtual assistants in business organizations save time and money. The cost saved further used in realigning the budget. 

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