The increasing need for mobile accessories

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The increasing need for mobile accessories

Life has become smart and secure. How did it happen? It is all because of the communication gap which the latest technological developments have filled. There was a time when, while traveling, we felt uneasy and insecure. It was because we were unable to connect to our loved one or to deliver the essential messages. But now life is complete because we have cell phones to inform about crucial notes. Not only this, we can make a video call via our cell phones to share every moment. The increasing need for mobile accessories makes manufacturing companies introduce more advanced accessories.

Moreover, in case of emergency, cell phones help us to call for help. Just like smart home appliances, numerous mobile accessories are making our life quick. The increasing need for mobile accessories has revealed the latest technologies. Here is the list of latest mobile accessories which will give you the essence of intelligent life. 

Inductive charging 

The latest technology introduced to the world in which electromagnetic induction helps in cordless charging. You might have heard of wireless chargers. The latest smartphones have Qi wireless charging support, which accepts energy from electromagnetic induction to charge the phones. Wired charging is expensive as wires get damage quickly. That’s why wireless chargers introduced for convenient and fast charging. The increasing need for mobile accessories compelled manufacturers to add wireless chargers. The most used wireless charger is BASEUS Ultra Thin Wireless Charger 15W with 1m USB Charging Cable. There are also such wireless chargers which charge pods, phone, and watches. They are known as 3 in 1 wireless charger. 

Camera lens 

One of the most demanded mobile accessories is camera lens attachment. The need for camera lens attachment aroused to make the photography experience better. There are versatile lenses available to use according to demand. For a mid-range focal length, 50mm standard lens works well. Close-up photography makes us introduce to the things which are invisible to the human eye. The macro lens designed for close-ups. The simple cell phone cameras are unable to capture the far distance photos. So, for this type of photography, telephoto lenses introduced. The camera lens for cell phones provide features similar to drones and action cameras

Game controllers 

The latest smartphones provide us with many benefits. One of these benefits is an improved gaming experience. Although smartphones have some built-in games in it and also available on play and app store. But the games which we play with game controllers or consoles gives us the ultimate pleasure. So, one of the increasing needs for mobile accessories are the latest technological games consoles. 

Car chargers for cell phones 

What we need the most while traveling to distant places? If I answer honestly, then it is cell phone charged 100% So, that we could talk on call for hours or capture photos of every moment. To fulfill this need, car chargers for cell phones have introduced. Moreover, if you always forget to charge your cell phone at home. So, you can also charge it while going to the office in your car. 

Power Bank

We can not depend on car chargers to charge our phones while going to the office. Unfortunately, some people do not have cars, so for the power banks are no other than a miracle. When power banks introduced, people felt the freedom to go anywhere. The portable chargers are available in the market with a flashlight and more than 2 USB port. 

Car phone Mounts 

Dependency is a weakness. Before the car phone mounts introduced people used to answer calls by holding the phone in hand. Additionally, it was challenging to keep the phone in hand to use GPS while driving. Many accidents occurred in the past due to cell usage while driving. Thanks to car phone mounts and headphones that now driver does not hold the cell phone in hand for answering the call. Moreover, it is convenient to scroll down the screen of cell phone holding in-car phone mounts. 

Selfie sticks

Nowadays, our center of life is selfie sticks. Well, joke apart! But it is true. Many people in this world make one tiktok video or take a selfie in a day. It is challenging to make videos or click photos by holding cell phones in hand. So, with the help of selfie sticks, you can click focused images.

Moreover, selfie stick also gives you a range, so you set yourself in a position where flaws of your body become invisible. The cell phones accessories have taken us to the next level regarding selfie stick experience by introducing the flashlight selfie sticks. Now you can capture photos even in the dark with your desired angle. 


Have you ever lost your cell phone while jogging? We keep our cell phones in the pocket while working out and jogging. So here is the list of mobile accessories, there is an addition of armbands. It helps us to keep phones safe while running. Armband sleeve holder pouch not only help you to keep your cell phone safe. But you can also keep your cash in it. 


One of the best mobile accessories is smartwatches, travel buddies. You can answer an urgent call and can see relevant notifications. It can also work as a good fitness tracker. If you want to stay connected to social media or essential calls during other activities, smartwatches are best. Moreover, you can also click photos or play music with your smartwatches. 

Health tracker 

The latest smartphones are more than just a phone. It can work for you as a fitness tracker. It helps in calculating and tracking sleep monitoring; calories burned, step counter, alarm, and heart rate. Fitness trackers are helpful in goal setting and healthy habits. 

We have mentioned all the latest mobile phone accessories. Still, due to the rise in technology, the increasing need for mobile accessories is in the air. If you have a desire to buy the car phone mount, wireless chargers, headphones and selfie sticks we recommend you smartygear We provide smart electronics, including drones, action cameras, helping robotics, and car accessories. We have a versatile range of smart electronics enough to make your home, a smart home. If you have the desire to buy any of these electronics, Contact us at or call at +971-5-4338-0163.




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